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Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project - Welcome

Project Overview (Click Link for Details)


EESP Monthly Meeting

EESPs Project Committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month, NOTE THE NEW TIME: 9:00 am- 10:00 am; 5533 N. Broadway Check here for any change. The meetings are open. Join us and volunteer to work in your area of interest. _______________________________________



At the April 9th EESP meeting the members discussed the ordinance presented by Ald. Moreno (1st Ward); to amend the city code to ban the use of plastic carryout bags. Retailers would be required to provide reusable bags (free or for a fee). The intent of the ordinance is to minimize the cost and effort of dealing with discarded plastic bags and to encourage the use of biodegradable and compostable paper bags or reusable bags. The discussion focused on the possible emission of methane when the biodegradable bags were disposed of in landfills vs the fossil fuel content of plastic bags and their longevity in the environment. Similar bans are in force in a number of other cities and countries and have worked well. The Alderman is undecided at this point on supporting this ordinance. The ordinance is scheduled to come out of committee on April 15th and proponents hope for a full council vote on April 30th.

  • Action: A vote was taken for EESP to support the ordinance and recommend that the Alderman also do so. It passed unanimously.


Leslie Fowler, the Director of Nutrition Support Services for the Chicago Public Schools,announced on 1/13/2014, that within 24 months, students will be carrying their food on an “affordable alternative” to Styrofoam food trays at a cost reduced by pooling the purchasing power of six cities With 250,000 students, this will eliminate 35 million styrofoam lunch trays thrown away each year, which is a health hazard & environmental problem.


In addition, Ed Burke (14th) of the Chicago City Council Finance Committee introduced an ordinance banning the use of styrofoam in Chicago under various scenarios. This important ordinance remains in committee and more work needs to be done to finalize the wording and get the votes for approval. ____________________________________________


The Sustainable Chicago Plan is organized into seven categories deemedcritical to the city'a sustainability. It sets twenty-four specific goals; & identifies actions needed to reach those goals by 2015. The seven sustainability categories are related – success in one can lead to or amplify success in another.

  • 1. Economic Development and Job Creation
  • 2. Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy
  • 3. Transportation Options
  • 4. Water and Wastewater
  • 5. Parks, Open Space, and Healthy Food
  • 6. Waste and Recycling
  • 7. Climate Change...

For More details on the Chicago 2015 Action Agenda click this link:

Project Sections (Click Link)


Events & Activities
  • Edgewater Grants for Corner & Circle Plantings - EESP and Sen. Heather Steans funded a limited number of $100 grants for the planting of new corners or circles. The grants have now been distributed,
  • Green Business Seminar; April 23rd Uncommon Ground Noon - Co-sponsored with Edgewater Chamber. A discussion on how businesses can save money and resources while taking simple steps to go green.
  • April 26th 9:00 am Gateway Garden (Hollywood & Magnolia) Clean Up Earth Day Project Meet with neighbors to weed and clean this visible entrance to Edgewater
  • April 26th 9:00 am Tom Sawyer Project aka Senn Park Fence Re-Painting - Earth Day Project This will complete the refinishing & fence painting
  • 'May 3rd 9:00 am Electronic Waste Drop Off & Paper Shredding Sponsored with 48th Ward & AT&T
  • May 21 and 22nd Green Town Conference 11:00 am EESP will participate in a panel moderated by Terry Bergdall of Accelerate 77. Topic: Neighborhoods and Community Planning
  • June 4th 7-9 pm 6018 North, Pivot Arts and EESP will be hosting a panel on Art, Architecture and Design at 6018 N Kenmore. The panel will include Francis Whitehead presenting on the seasonal development of plants, Peter Nicholson of Foresight Design, and several artists. A representative from EESP will speak to LEED and architecture.
  • July 27th One Long Table on the 6000 block of N Kenmore will be held again this year An additional One Long table is being planned along the 6000 block of N Winthrop in August.
  • September 21st The Edgewater Historical Society will be holding its annual Home Tour on the third Sunday of Sept., the 21st. Their President, Bob Remer has invited EESP to collaborate on a pre-tour workshop or presentation that would tie into the tour focusing on restoration and renovation as sustainable practices
  • Food Composting by Businesses - EESP has been working with Hanh Pham of Loyola reaching out to business groups to join:
  • West Ridge Nature Preserve (City Park 568) - (formerly part of Rosehill Cemetary at Western & Peterson) April, 2014 Updare Rosehill notified the Park District that they would begin pond dredging in mid April. This is an approved item under the sale, although conservationists had hoped it would occur in the Fall and not in spring when nesting and new growth is happening. It appears, Rosehill is in position and will move forward nonetheless. Good news is that they indicated the dredged material would be dumped off the park site.

(See Parks & Greening for a map and the body of our 2013 position paper)

Strategic Goal


Minimizing current demand while conserving resources for future generations. ___________________________________________

Strategic Plan

EESP Focus Areas:

  • Youth Outreach & Involvement - Activities, Tours & Presentations
  • Information Source on Sustainable Issues – Fact Sheets; Educational Information; Legislative Issues
  • Multi-Media Publicity for Public Action & Education

EESP Outreach

  • EESP will be one of the Edgewater community's leading advocates for environmental issues
  • EESP volunteers will collaborate with other like minded community groups, schools & universities, businesses and faith groups in Edgewater and in the Chicago area.


Renewable Energy-Google Map


Awards Received by EESP'


  • Chicago GreenWorks Community Leadership Award
  • 7th State Senate District Community Leaders Award


  • Friends of the Park - EESP Development
  • Keep Chicago Beautiful "Community Vision" Award
  • Illinois State Senate Proclamation for Community Service


  • National Wildlife Federation - Thorndale Community Garden Certified as Wildlife Habitat



US DoE-Energy Savers


EESP Project Blueprint [Here]
Proper Drug Disposal


The Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) in partnership with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) announced that its pharmaceutical disposal drop box program is now available at all Chicago police stations to allow for the proper disposal of expired & unused prescription over-the-counter drugs.

Keep Our Waterways Clean

"Discarding our medication responsibly protects our waterways, our environment and our neighbors," said CDPH Commissioner Bechara Choucair, M.D. "Now that our drop boxes are available citywide, residents can stop throwing their medicine in the trash or down the drain & instead dispose of them in a safe & convenient way." Available year round 24-hours daily, Chicago's pharmaceutical disposal program offers residents a convenient & environmentally friendly alternative. The main goals of the program are to help avoid unintended use; reduce or prevent recreational pharmaceutical use & keep contaminants out of our waste water and public waterways.

By using the police facilities as drop-off locations, controlled substances can be deposited safely & destroyed under the observation of law enforcement officials. Pharmaceuticals (non-controlled substances) also can be brought to the city's Household Chemicals & Computer Recycling Facility at 1150 N. North Branch Street.


Renewable Energy Links

Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA)

Illinois Renewable Energy Association (IREA)

Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Illinois Wind Power

Clean Air Links

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