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Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project - Our Website is Launched:

Project Overview (Click Link for Details)


Green Schools: Consortium Negotiates Alternative to Stryofoam


  • The Chicago Public Schools joined with New York, LA, Dallas, Miami-Dade & Orange County (Orlando). These school districts were determined to eliminate polystyrene service-ware and replace it with a greener, "healthier" tray that was also cost neutral. Their joint purchasing power gave them sufficient leverage to drive the cost down to a feasible point. A compostable, pulp-based tray should be phased in during Spring, 2015. Details will be forthcoming in the following weeks. We encourage other institutional buyers to follow this example.



Interested in helping Edgewater do more energy efficiency retrofits: contact Tom Murphy-email:

Get information on how to make your building comfortable while saving money, check the following links for tax credits and rebates. For residential buildings:

Information for buildings with 2 units & up can be found at:

A booklet with tips on saving energy and money for homes is available to download or purchase at: *


US DoE-Energy Savers

___________________________________________ SUSTAINABLE CHICAGO 2015 ACTION AGENDA

The Sustainable Chicago Plan is organized into the following seven categories deemed critical to the city'a sustainability. It identifies actions needed to reach specific goals by 2015.

  • 1. Economic Development and Job Creation
  • 2. Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy
  • 3. Transportation Options
  • 4. Water and Wastewater
  • 5. Parks, Open Space, and Healthy Food
  • 6. Waste and Recycling
  • 7. Climate Change...

For More details on the Chicago 2015 Action Agenda click this link:

Project Sections (Click Link)


EESP Monthly Meeting

EESPs Project Committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month, 9:00 am- 10:00 am; 5533 N. Broadway The meetings are open. Check the volunteer opportunities column for contact info in your area of interest. __________________________________________

Events &Volunteer Opportunities
  • March 28th Earth Hour Saturday 8:30 - 9:30 pm Shutting off lights throughout the world as a reminder that human action can make a difference
  • March Launch: "2015 Corner Grant Kick Off" campaign. Five $100 grant awards for new planted corners. Kim Kaulas will manage & advise applicants.
  • March 19 & 20thClimate Change Conference at Loyola Chicago. Theme: "To Tend the Earth" Attendees to spread ideas & lobby for positive change.
  • April 8th Berger Park; 7-8 pm Stormwater Management Success Stories from the area. (Co-hosts: Loyola, EESP, Berger Park)
  • April 18th Grassroots Clean & Green Earth Day neighborhood projects (co-hosts EESP, 48th Ward, Loyola)
  • April 22nd Earth Day itself is celebrated by attending Green Lobby Day in Springfield, IL (co-sponsored by Illinois Environmental Council, Loyola and EESP)
  • May 17 Edgewater Community Religious Association Sacred Seeds on the environment at Emmanuel Congregation on Sheridan Rd.
  • May Climate Change Panel & Discussion/Edgewater Environmentalist of the Year Award: date & place TBD Tentative Panelists: WGN Weatherman Tom Skilling; House Rep. Jan Schakowsky; Climate Reality-Mark Mesle

____________________________________________ ILLINOIS ENVIRONMENTAL LEGISLATION PASSED IN 2014 State Senator Heather Steans, 7th District Sponsored or Co-Sponsored the following environmental measures

  • SB2727 Bans microbeads in cosmetics, (they escape water treatment systems & collect in the Great Lakes)
  • SB2966 Directs DNB and local agencies to report on the causes & effects of urban flooding, with Chicago as a focus.
  • SB3049 Adds the gray wolf, American black bear and cougar to the list of protected species that may not be hunted, captured, possessed (with specific exceptions).
  • HB2427 Illinois Power Agency will do a one-time, supplemental procurement of solar energy credits of up to $30 million in money held in Renewable Energy Resources Fund.
  • SB2780 Allowed more types of water pollution projects (including stormwater runoff treatment) to qualify for financial assistance.
  • In 2013: HB2335 Relaxed legislation of composting operations to encourage urban composting.
By minimizing current demand while conserving resources for future generations.


Strategic Plan

EESP Focus Areas:

  • Youth Outreach & Involvement - Activities, Tours & Presentations
  • Information Source on Sustainable Issues – Fact Sheets; Educational Information; Legislative Issues
  • Multi-Media Publicity for Public Action & Education

EESP Outreach

  • EESP will be one of the Edgewater community's leading advocates for environmental issues
  • EESP volunteers will collaborate with other like minded community groups, schools & universities, businesses and faith groups in Edgewater and in the Chicago area.


EESP Project Blueprint [Here]


Renewable Energy-Google Map


Is the Climate Warming?

Image:18802014NOAA4.jpg ___________________________________________

EESP Awards & Recognition


  • Chicago GreenWorks Community Leadership Award
  • 7th State Senate District Community Leaders Award


  • Friends of the Park - EESP Development
  • Keep Chicago Beautiful "Community Vision" Award
  • Illinois State Senate Proclamation for Community Service


  • National Wildlife Federation - Thorndale Community Garden Certified as Wildlife Habitat


  • EESPs Little Free Library in the Senn Parks Thorndale Garden registered in the official National Network of Little Free Libraries (EESPs LFL recognized as an initiative for Youth Outreach with a focus on environmental readings)


Renewable Energy Links

Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA)

Illinois Renewable Energy Association (IREA)

Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Illinois Wind Power

Clean Air Links

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